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Artarmon Plumbing specialises in maintenance plumbing and Peter is a fully licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter.

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- Renovations and Extensions
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- Blocked Drains
- Camera and Locator Equipment
- Sewer Replacements
- Gas and Water service repairs
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- Solar heating
- Electric eel and Water Jet
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Servicing the Northern Sydney region, Artarmon Plumbing is your local plumber. Our friendly, experienced team, has separated us from our competitors for over 20 years.

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Blocked Drains

It doesn't matter if your building has the most exquisite of toilet facilities, as there will come a time when even the most dependable toilets will encounter a problem. By far the most common problem to strike toilets is a blocked drain and it can turn out to be a very messy affair. Blocked drains also lead to very unhygienic situations, which makes it imperative that they are cleared out at the earliest possible opportunity.

To illustrate this point - when a property has drain blockages, water cannot run through or clear out, which in turn will invariably lead to flooding. This could then possibly lead to electrical and appliance damage within the complex. The financial and safety hazards of this would be a disastrous and an expensive affair. We, at Artarmon Plumbing in the North Shore area, are more than adept at clearing blocked drains regardless of the cause or location. Those seeking to prevent such mishaps would well be aware that the most common cause for blocked drains in the North Shore region are tree roots. Additionally, blocked drains also happen when grease and fat from previous night's dinner are disposed through the kitchen sink route rather than the more traditional disposal route.
The more technically-minded would find it interesting that when the kitchen or bathroom has a small bore block, Artarmon Plumbing utilises high pressure water jetting to unblock drains. Conversely, wide-bored pipes are cleared using a high-end technique such as Electro Mechanical cleaning.

Those who value professional service will appreciate that Artarmon Plumbing is the undeniable leader when it comes to workmanship and using high-end equipment in unblocking drains. This is more than evident from the fact that we are known to utilise an array of high-end equipment, which range from conventional Hydro Jets through to Electric Eels and even CCTV cameras, for clearing blocked drains.

Remember that blocked drains do not happen overnight so be sure to keep them clear of any waste that might clog them. But if the inevitable happens, rest assured that Artarmon Plumbing is here to help you clear your blocked drains with speed and at a price which few can match.

Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd
Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd