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Artarmon Plumbing specialises in maintenance plumbing and Peter is a fully licensed plumber, drainer and gasfitter.

Our Services

- Renovations and Extensions
- Bathrooms and Kitchens
- Blocked Drains
- Camera and Locator Equipment
- Sewer Replacements
- Gas and Water service repairs
- Gas Installation
- Backflow Certified
- Rainwater tanks
- Solar heating
- Electric eel and Water Jet
- Emergency Plumbing

Service Area

Servicing the Northern Sydney region, Artarmon Plumbing is your local plumber. Our friendly, experienced team, has separated us from our competitors for over 20 years.

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Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd
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Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd

Electric Eel & Water Jet

Stuck with blocked pipes and drains? Are you getting frustrated that no matter what method used, you still cannot remove the blockage? Artarmon Plumbing can do it for you! With our expertise in electric eel plumbing, we can make your bathroom and kitchen pipes and drains function smoothly. Artarmon Plumbing offers specialized electric eel plumbing services for maintenance plumbing in the North Shore region in Australia. Our electric eel plumbing or electric eel drain cleaner services are renowned and trusted.

An Electric Eel is also called as a "Toilet Jack or "Sewer Snake". It is a flexible drill like tool which cleanses and removes blockages from drains, waste pipes and sewers. The electric eel's engine spins the blade into the blockage and its cable sucks and retrieves stuck objects such as combs, hair and toys to clear the flow of water. The electric eel can also break up blockages associated with foam and tree roots. In case the pipe is not cent per cent blocked and there is only a reduction in water-flow, the electric eel drain cleaner flails inside of the pipe and scraps off the material that is blocking the flow. The time that the electric eel drain cleaner takes depends on the condition of blockage, its relative depth.

Our plumbers are well trained in electric eel plumbing or operating the electric eel drain cleaner in the North Shore. Being in the domain of electric eel plumbing in North Shore for more than two decades now, we have developed thorough expertise in handling complicated and tough blockages. The next time your residential or commercial property is stuck with a blockage, call us at Artarmon Plumbing for electric eel plumbing. Electric eel drain cleaning is the safest way to restore water-flow. Our prices are competitive and we work 7 days a week to ensure North Shore stays clear of troublesome water blockages! Call us now!

Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd
Artarmon Plumbing Pty Ltd